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Project Management

With TCG as your Project Manager we will lead the Client through the process of assembling the proper team for their Project and manage all detailed facets of that process including but not limited to, internal and external stakeholder selection and definition of roles and responsibilities, procurement management, vendor engagement and contract negotiations, design and construction management, schedule development and monitoring, selection and management of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and coordination and integration of information technology systems.

Land Development Management

If a property acquisition or expansion of a Client’s facility requires Land Development Approval TCG can assist the Client with the engagement and management of the Land Development Team required to seek approval from local, county, or state agencies on Client’s behalf. The Partners within the firm have managed more than 10 Million square feet of entitlement Projects, (commercial, industrial, and residential), in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and State of New Jersey.

Site Selection and Transaction Due Diligence

If a new or additional site or property is required for your company, TCG can assist with the feasibility studies associated with your selection. In collaboration with the Client, TCG will analyze geographic regions and research development costs associated with the Project. Comparative analysis for each property will be provided to identify transaction costs, soft costs such as engineering, design, and permitting costs, land development and entitlement complexity, and construction and relocation expenses.

Additionally, TCG can assist Client and its team with the due diligence investigation associated with a property transaction. Examination of title, easement, and right of way documents, property condition reports, development budget preparation, purchase or lease agreement input, operating expense analysis, and property risk assessment can be provided to best suit your needs.

Relocation Management

TCG shall assist the Client with the development of a comprehensive relocation plan that includes cost impact studies, communication and change management plans, integration with information technology system relocations, and management of relocation supplier responsible to transporting the Client’s assets.

Construction Claim Assessment

TCG can assist a Client with the assessment, determination of fair market value, and negotiation of construction claims submitted during a Project. To accomplish this, TCG will provide time impact assessments by evaluating potential impacts to the Project completion date; an acceleration plan to identify methods to recover lost time; and, a damage analysis to evaluate liability, cause, and entitlement.

Supplier Procurement Management

If a Client requires support with vendor procurement, TCG can assist with the preparation and issuance of design, engineering, consulting, contracting, and FF&E request for proposals. Additional services include scope review and bid leveling, competitive online sourcing, and contract negotiation.


Working in collaboration with the Project Team, TCG can develop a Project schedule for the client that defines the baseline duration, identifies critical Project activities, and monitors progress on the Project by providing periodic schedule updates and recovery plans.

Sustainable Service Management

As LEED certified Professionals TCG will assist the Client with the most feasible sustainable decisions to be made for the Project. TCG will prepare or analyze sustainable checklists and LEED point determinations so they are aligned with the Client’s sustainable vision and cost for the Project.